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Diakon Solutions is now soliciting resumes for the following positions. Please email your resume or questions to resumes@diakonsolutions.com and include the position title below for which you are applying.

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Composite Materials Engineer

Job Description - Composite Materials Engineer

Diakon Solutions is seeking an engineer to join our team providing technical support and expertise to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advanced Materials and Structures safety research program under the FAA Structures and Materials Section. Our support to this Section has included the design and implementation of the FAA’s newly-completed Structures and Materials Laboratory, which has now been in operation for two years. The Structures and Materials Laboratory is a 10,000 square foot facility that was designed and is dedicated to the scientific research, development, testing and evaluation of technologies, products, processes and procedures related to aviation structures and materials. The Structures and Materials Laboratory is located within the FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center at the Atlantic City International Airport near the beaches of Atlantic City, NJ. The engineering position that we seek to fill is to provide support in all phases of equipping, operating and applying a laboratory composites fabrication capability including wet lay-up, pre-preg layup, robotic fiber placement, and curing, and to support all the research project work that is described below.   

Project Description - Composites and Advanced Materials Research Support

Diakon Solutions provides technical support and expertise to the FAA Advanced Materials and Structures safety research program. This support includes the development of technical information and data regarding research into certification issues surrounding the use of advanced materials in aircraft components and structures. Advanced materials include the use of composites, novel metallic alloys, blended structures, nanomaterials, intelligent electrostatic materials, and other materials utilized in aircraft design and manufacture. Diakon Solutions assists in reviewing technical reports pertaining to research in this field, provides expert knowledge and opinion regarding research results, contributes to the development of materials handbooks and white papers, and updates criteria associated with certification/design guidelines and advisory circulars from research outputs. Diakon Solutions also assists in the technical evaluation of new and/or continuing research activities, reviews technical proposals, and generates data on various Advanced Materials and Structures projects to insure research projects contain both appropriate direction and scientific methodology that conform to FAA goals. Additionally, this support entails creating specific technical information and data; often regarding research into novel materials/structures such as composites and nanoscale materials applicable to aircraft technologies, as needed within the Advanced Materials and Structures research program areas. In addition, Diakon Solutions assists in both the dissemination of technical information and the assessment of presented information regarding FAA Advanced Materials and Structures safety research programs at both program reviews and technical exchange meetings. We also provide support in all phases of equipping and operating a laboratory composites fabrication capability including wet lay-up, pre-preg layup, robotic fiber placement, and curing.

Educational and/or Experience Requirements

A particular college degree or years of experience are not specified. We are rather interested in a combination of factors that will offer us the best talent applicable to our project work. Some of the factors that we are seeking are as follows:

1.    College Degree – an appropriate Engineering degree, such as Mechanical, Aerospace, Materials, Manufacturing or similar

2.    Level of Degree – Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D.

3.    Composites Knowledge/Experience – may be either through composites coursework, composites university research projects, composites industry experience, etc.


Diakon Solutions offers competitive salaries and benefits at a large and unique government facility that provides an entire career of diverse and interesting projects in many areas of scientific engineering. The salary for this position will be commensurate with your level of the factors mentioned above.



Updated November 2018