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DS500 Digitizer


The Diakon DS500 is a high‐speed 8‐bit resolution digitizer board with two channels capable of sampling up to 1.5 GSPS per channel or up to 3.0 GSPS for a single channel.


The DS500 is designed to maximize the quality of the captured signal in terms of signal‐to‐noise ratio (SNR) and spurious‐free dynamic range (SFDR) over a wide frequency range. The two analog input channels are DC coupled with a frequency range from DC to 1.0 GHz.


An onboard synthesized clock allows for the ADC sampling rate to be set to any value from 200 MHz to 1,500 MHz. The synthesizer clock is locked to a 10 MHz reference clock. The reference clock may be selected from the internal reference or an externally supplied 10 MHz reference clock. The internal reference clock is accurate to better than 5 PPM. This sets the ADC clock accuracy to also be within 5 PPM.


In data acquisition mode, two triggering modes are available: post/pre trigger, segmented or both. In the post/pre trigger mode, following the detection of a trigger signal, all of the active memory is filled. In the segmented mode a separate trigger signal is required to successively fill each memory segment until all of the active memory is filled.


There are two types of trigger sources: internal or external. When the external trigger is selected then a trigger event is defined by an external pulse delivered to the DS500 via the external trigger connector. The DS500 can also be configured to use either of the internal channel inputs to internally trigger off the data. When using an internal trigger source, a trigger event occurs when the channel's ADC value crosses a particular trigger level in a particular direction.


The DS500 has 1 GB of onboard RAM and a PCI Express (PCIe) x8 interface. With PCIe buffered acquisition mode, the onboard RAM is used as a FIFO for acquiring non‐stop continuous data directly to the host system memory via the PCIe bus at a sustained maximum rate up to 1.4 GSPS.



Cost: $11,516.95

[DS500 Digitizer Photo]
DS500 Specifications

External Signal Connections
Analog Inputs (2) :SMA
Clock Input :SMA
Trigger Input :SMA
Digital Input / Output :SMA
Analog Inputs
Full Scale Voltage :500 mV
Impedance :50 ohms
Bandwidth :DC to 1.0 GHz
External Trigger
Signal Type :LVPECL (3.3V Logic)
Impedance :50 ohms to +1.3V
Internal Synthesized Clock
Frequency Range :200-1500 MHz
Resolution :better than 62.5 PPM
Accuracy :better than 5 PPM
External Clock
Signal Type :sine or square wave
Coupling :DC
Impedance :50 ohms
Termination :Ground or +1.3V
Frequency :200-1500 MHz
Amplitude :800 mV(-300/+1200)
Reference Clock
Internal :10.0 MHz, +/-5 ppm max
External :10.0 MHz, +/-50 ppm max (required for lock)
Power Requirements
+12V :1.0 Amps max.
+3.3V :3.3 Amps max.
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Analog Inputs :+/- 3.5 volts
Trigger Input :-0.2 to +4.0 volts DC
Clock Input :5 volts peak to peak
Operating Temperature :0C to 50C
Board Dimensions (LxHxW) :12.7 x 10.9 x 1.9 cm